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Find the Best Sexologist Near Me: Could Online Therapy be an Option?

Find the Best Sexologist Near Me: Could Online Therapy be an Option?

Before we go into how to discover the finest sexologist, including online consultations with sexologists, it’s important to recognize that you’re looking for help with your sexual problems. Even in this day and age, many people avoid identifying and thereby addressing concerns in their sexual lives.

A fast search for a “certified sexologist near me” may yield some really explicit ads that may put you off. However, this book will explore the real deal, providing you with the information you need before undergoing sex therapy, as well as some tips and tactics for finding the greatest sexologist.

Some sexologists may be difficult to discover in some areas, which is why we’ll recommend online solutions like Regain.us or BetterHelp.com.

A price comparison of a physical and an online sexologist

The sexologist normally sees solitary clients for 45–60 minutes at a cost of $120–$180, whereas relationships/couples are typically seen for 75–90 minutes at a cost of $190–$310.

Online counseling, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive. BetterHelp expenses, for example, range from $40 to $70 a week, depending on the BetterHelp plan you select. You’ll be charged $180 if you join up for a month of BetterHelp services.

ReGain, on the other hand, costs $60 to $80 a week and memberships are invoiced monthly. Online counselling might be beneficial for people who have sex issues that are unrelated to their relationships.

What exactly is a Sexologist?

Before you type “sexologist clinic near me” or “sexologist near my location,” learn what a sexologist is and what services they provide. This will allow you to decide whether they can assist you with your specific issues.

A sexologist or sex therapist is a trained professional who has studied human sexuality, including how it works, how people act, and what they like to do. They are also well-versed in psychology, as the brain plays an important role in sexuality.

Sexology is an interdisciplinary discipline, therefore sexologists may provide counseling, teach, or do research.

Sexologists, on the other hand, give sex therapy for the majority of their careers.

It is critical to recognize that, while sex therapists are fundamentally psychologists or therapists, not all therapists are sexologists. So, when looking for a “sexologist near me,” look for an educated and preferably certified sexologist (more on that later).

What Exactly is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses solely on sexuality and sex. It assists people and couples in addressing and resolving difficulties relating to sexual performance, needs, behavior, and thoughts.

Sex therapy is similar to other types of talk therapy in that a therapist discusses the client’s problems. This means that an open discussion with the therapist about subjects you may not be comfortable discussing is required. Sex therapists, on the other hand, are educated to provide a safe setting in which clients can open up about their experiences.

While sex therapy is a large field, the basis of this type of therapy is that it provides a neutral party, one who is an expert in the issue, with whom to discuss your concerns.

You may be wondering what kinds of problems sex therapy might help with. Sex therapy and sexology in general, on the other hand, can help with the following issues:

  • Libido that is either low or high
  • Ejaculation that occurs too soon
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Insufficient stimulation
  • Inability to enjoy orgasm
  • Masturbation or porn addiction
  • Addiction to sex
  • Sexual impulses that are distressing
  • Difficulties understanding or embracing one’s sexual orientation

This is not an entire list, as you may be struggling with additional sex-related concerns and require assistance.

It is crucial to note that sexual problems might be caused by medical issues, which is frequently the case. Sex therapy may not help with medical difficulties, and you should consult a doctor for that.

In brief, sex therapy can help you enhance your sexual life, which will help you live a healthier life. It can also help you improve your relationship with your partner.

Is it Necessary for Me to See a Sexologist?

You may believe you require sex therapy and search for “sexologist doctors near me.” Before you do so, it is important to determine whether you require it in the first place.

While sex therapy and sexologists can sometimes help people who believe their sex life is fine, they can help you better if you know what problems you’re having. So the first duty is to identify the problem.

Do you get as enthusiastic about sex as you once did? Do you believe you watch too much porn? Or do you have difficulty achieving orgasm? Before seeking a sexologist, ask the pertinent questions.

More importantly, you should see a doctor to see if a medical problem is the root of the problem. Erectile dysfunction, for example, can occur as a side effect of medicine in men. So, it’s best to talk to a doctor first about these kinds of problems, especially if they involve sexual dysfunction.

If your problem is more mental, like you’re having strange or unwanted sexual thoughts, you can talk to a sexologist right away.

Human sexuality is incredibly nuanced and intertwined with heredity, childhood, and even adult experiences. Often, you might not even know you have a sexual problem that needs treatment.

One way to tell if you need to see a sexologist is to consider how your sexual life affects your entire quality of life. If sex is causing you to be unhappy, confused, frustrated, or emotionally stressed, it’s time to contact a sexologist.

Where Can I Find a Sexologist Near Me?

As many as 31% of men and 43% of women report having some kind of sexual dysfunction in their lives. That’s quite a compliment!

A “clinical sexologist near me” search may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Knowing where to look, on the other hand, can decrease your search time by half. It’s simpler to lose focus and end up paying for something that doesn’t benefit you because of predatory marketing.

Furthermore, as previously said, not every psychologist or psychiatrist is a sexologist. That makes it a little more difficult to find a sexologist, especially one close to you.

Here are some resources for locating a qualified sex therapist:

Consult a doctor or therapist.
The best place to start looking for a sexologist near you is with your doctor or therapist. If you’ve gone to see a doctor to determine if there’s a physical cause for your sexual problem, you can also ask them to recommend you to a sex therapist if they don’t find one.

Likewise, if you’re already seeing a therapist for another reason, you can get a referral to a sexologist. They may be able to recommend a sexologist that is nearby and qualified to give the treatments you require.

Sexologist on the Internet
Finding a therapist, let alone a sexologist, becomes tough if you reside in a small town, especially in a rural area.

This is where sexologist online consultation, which takes place entirely online, comes in.

Many therapists have shifted to internet treatment sessions, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, even if one isn’t available near you, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a sex therapist to work with.

Today, there are various therapy platforms with qualified therapists providing online counseling. BetterHelp.com and Regain.us provide the greatest sexologist online consultation with their growing list of vetted, qualified sex therapists who can help both individuals and couples.

Once you fill out the initial form upon signing up, you will be connected with a therapist. Make it clear that you require assistance with sexual issues. Other therapies can simply be used with sex therapy.

You can also specify whether you want an online female sexologist or a male sexologist.

Therapy Centers
There are numerous clinics specializing in mental health that house a wide range of therapists. If you are looking for a sexologist near me, you should go to a mental health facility. They may also have a sexologist on their staff.

A fast internet search for a treatment clinic in your city or town can yield contact information. You can contact them directly and inquire if they have a sexologist on staff. If they have a website, go there to examine what types of therapists they offer and what certifications they have.

Clinics for Sexual Health
While most sexual health clinics focus on the medical side of sexual health, such as treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), they may also include a sex counselor. In fact, a sexual health clinic is the ideal place to start if you’re seeking free sex therapy or counseling.

Even if they don’t have a sexologist on staff, they may be able to recommend one.

Psychologist Listings
If you search for “clinical sexologists near me,” you’ll have a difficult time finding one who works for you. A direct search on any of the many well-maintained web directories that contain all of the information about therapists is a simpler method.

The advantage of using a directory is that it frequently contains only registered therapists who have been screened according to their speciality.

Here are some directories where you can look for a certified sexologist:

  • The American College of Sexologists: The American College of Sexologists keeps a full list of sexologists who have finished their training and are members of the American College of Sexologists. There are also sexologists from Canada and other nations on this list.
  • The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists is a well-known organization that certifies people in the field of sexology. It has a membership list for each state. So you might be able to find one close to you.
  • If you live outside of North America, you might look for a directory of therapists in your country. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can search the database of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

How Do I Select a Sexologist?

Finding a sexologist is one thing; choosing the correct one is quite another. In addition to searching for a’sexologist near me,’ you may want to consider a few other factors.

Sexologist (Male or Female)
It’s perfectly fine if talking to a sexologist of your own gender or the opposite gender makes you feel more at ease. As a client, you need to feel like you can talk about sex and any problems you might be having.

If you’re looking for “sexologist doctors for male near me,” a male sexologist is a good option. Similarly, if you were looking for an “online female sexologist,” you should go with a female sexologist.

While sex therapy is a specialty in and of itself, a sex therapist can also specialize in other areas. Many people, for example, look for an “Ayurvedic sexologist near me.” These therapists may use Ayurvedic medicine in addition to therapy.

Similarly, if you’re in a same-sex relationship and looking for a sexologist, look for one who specializes in LGBT sexual disorders. Some of us may feel more comfortable with an African American sexologist, but there are many different kinds of sexologists, and it’s important to choose one with whom you feel comfortable.

Insurance and Cost
If you have public or private health insurance, you should try to see a sexologist who is covered by your plan. However, because many insurance policies do not cover therapy, this may not always be the case.

That means you might have to pay for the session yourself, so find out how much it costs before you decide. When compared to in-person sex therapy, sexologist online consultation from a platform like BetterHelp.com is far less expensive.

Finding the so-called greatest sexologist near me is a difficult endeavor, but it can be made easier if you look in the correct location. It’s usually a good idea to inquire around, especially among other health professionals. Then you can begin your search online.

Before scheduling a session, schedule a phone consultation. This can assist you determine if you’ve chosen the correct sexologist.

If you can’t find a clinical sexologist in your area, remember that you can always try online sex therapy. Online counseling may be more effective for some people.