Venison is meat that comes from a deer Venison which is usually hunted during the season that is permitted to hunt. A hunting license usually has to be acquired depending on the state that the hunter is residing in to be able to hunt. There is also various specified times throughout the year where hunting is permitted and that also varies from state to state. Hunting outside of the specific times is considered illegal and a hunter could face fines and penalties up to having their licensed revoked.

Venison is enjoyed by many and there are many recipes and version of how to cook the meat. Some of the most popular ways to consume the meat is ground up and put in sausage or a ground meat dish such as chili. Many enjoy venison roast recipes; it can be enjoyed as a steak or dried into a jerky. There are delicious soup variations featuring the delectable meat, and any other recipe that can be thought of that include meat that venison can be used in.

Venison is a lean meat that does not contain the amount of fat as more popularly consumed meats such as beef, pork, and chicken. Resulting in a firmer texture that make not be as juicy as a piece of beef. However, venison is high in vitamins such as iron, and B6 just to name a few. Venison has been deemed safe to consume as long as it is cooked within the guidelines that meat is considered to be done.

Venison is sold in some specialty meat shops and select grocery stores. Much of the meat is obtain through trophy hunt. Trophy Hunting is recreational sport and deer are the game that is hunted in Northern America. When an animal is killed through the sport of trophy hunting the head of the animal is usually salvaged as the trophy for the kill and the edible parts of the animal are usually donated or sold for consumption.

Whitetail deer hunts are usually organized to hunt white tail deer. Moreover, there are organizations that offers recreational gaming to licensed hunters. Many of these organizations also offer educational courses for gaming and hunting as well as contest that offer prize amounts. There are fees associated with obtaining a hunting license as well as for entering contest in which prizing can be obtained, but for a true hunter it is more the sport than any amount of money.

With the donation of the edible parts of a kill, hunting serves two purposes. With most of the meat being donated, it results in meals being provided that would other wise have to be bought and paid for. Any family that enjoys the rare delicacies of venison would appreciate the meal.