You don’t need to leave the house to get a great workout. Household chores provide a wonderful way to burn hundreds of calories. We’ve listed a few ways you can get in cardio and tone muscles by just doing work around the house.

Bathtub Scrubbing

Bathtubs are some of the dirtiest things in the house despite being filled with soap and water every night. The tubs get lined with oils and dirt from your body. Over time soap scum builds up making the tub even harder to clean. You can actually burn up to 100 calories deep scrubbing your soap scum. You have to add a lot of elbow grease and put muscle into it to burn this much. The effort put into cleaning the tub tones shoulder muscles as well as upper arms.

Vacuuming The Floors

Dust builds every day making your floors a mess. Corners in your house are the worst as dust bunnies sit and cobwebs might even begin to form. Get to work and vacuum away the dust. By doing this you can burn about 100 calories per hour. Just think if you take your time in every room if you have a medium sized house, that hour has whizzed by and 100 calories are gone in a flash. Tough rugs and thick carpet make it even harder to push the vacuum forcing you to burn more calories.


Pull out the ironing board and attack wrinkles to burn 70 calories in about 30 minutes. Ironing not only burns calories, but also tones your upper body. You stand up while ironing toning your arms as you go. If you don’t want that one arm to get all the fun, make sure to switch hands as you iron. Your clothes look pressed and perfect while you tone up so it’s a win in every way.

Washing The Dishes

The dishwasher seems like the perfect solution to dishes after each meal, but you can actually get in a good little workout by closing the dishwasher door and washing them by hand. Washing the dishes by hand for 30 minutes burns about 160 calories. If you were to load the dishwasher for about 30 minutes you can still burn about 105 calories, but you should shoot for the extra 55 calories and just attack those dishes with soap, water and a hand towel.

Make Your Bed

Making your room look clean and tidy in the morning actually is a mini workout when you make your bed. If you want to push it and burn even more calories, make everyone in the family’s beds and give them a day off. You can burn about 130 calories walking around the house for 30 minutes making beds. This is equal to about 15 minutes jogging on the treadmill. You’ll be pushing and pulling sheets into place, throwing pillows where they belong and fluffing different parts of the bed to get the perfect look all while shedding a few inches.